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Concern about accommodation of pre-school pupils

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24 Oct 2022 / 22:23

CORFU. A Greek Primary Teachers΄ Federation team came in Corfu to discuss the issue of school buildings and organise the strike to be held on 9 November.

The members and the President of the Greek Primary Teachers' Federation (DOE) Thanasis Kikinis referred to the issue of the accommodation of Corfu pre-school pupils at a press conference on Monday afternoon.
On the occasion of the nationwide strike to be held on 9 November and its better organisation, the Federation's representatives and the Corfu Primary Teachers' Union President Antonis Koursaris referred to the great problems that exist, resulting in more than 200 4-5-year-old children being accommodated in 12 prefab buildings.
"The Greek Primary Teachers' Federation (DOE) has made many visits to schools and this is a Municipality that is facing huge issues regarding the accommodation of nursery and primary school pupils. Especially for the former, conditions are worse than in the rest of Greece, as not even the general measure of prefab classrooms has been implemented - they do not follow the same rules in this matter either. Following the introduction of the compulsory two-year pre-school education, the Municipalities are obliged to find buildings to accommodate all children within 6 years", said the Federation's President Thanasis Kikinis.
The Federation's representatives saw themselves the problems that exist in Corfu nurseries, as they visited the schools, accompanied by the Primary Teachers' Union President. "There are great issues not only regarding the implementation of the compulsory two-year pre-school education, but also in the maintenance of existing buildings that are old and should be in good condition for pupils and teachers", said the Federation's Board member Irene Asvesta, noting that the programmes for the construction of school buildings were put on hold in the last few years due to the crisis and pandemic.
The Federation's Board referred to the issue of evaluation, which, as Mr. Kikinis said, has nothing to do with the paedagogical meaning of the term, but instead will categorise the schools into "good" and "bad" with private economic criteria, resulting in the downgrading of public schools.
Nationwide strike
At the press conference, the Federation called everyone to participate in the nationwide strike on 9 November, with the main issues being the high prices, low wages and poverty. In order to better organise it, the Federation is carrying out actions to highlight the demands of the strike.