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Recovery Fund

13 Nov 2023 / 10:35
Immediate needs at Corfu Hospital to be covered by Recovery Fund

CORFU. Improvement of patient care conditions and housing for healthcare personnel - Utilisation of hospital real estate.

29 Dec 2022 / 20:46
Corfu business park to be funded by Recovery Fund

CORFU. The Business Park Development Company (EANEP) signed the contract with a company to prepare the file to be submitted to the Ministry of Development.

23 Nov 2022 / 11:42
New Mon Repos Theatre to be paid for from Recovery Fund

CORFU. Deputy Culture Minister tells Corfu MP Gikas and Deputy Mayor Tzanne that the Municipality won΄t have to pay even a single Euro.

21 Jul 2020 / 13:32
Greek PM: "Over 70bn Euros for Greece from Recovery Fund"

BRUSSELS. "Europe has shown that it can rise to the occasion," said Kyriakos Mitsotakis and added that Greece had taken an active part in all the negotiations.