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Immediate needs at Corfu Hospital to be covered by Recovery Fund

Corfu Hospital
13 Nov 2023 / 10:34

CORFU. Improvement of patient care conditions and housing for healthcare personnel - Utilisation of hospital real estate.

Three significant projects for the hospital have been approved by the Technical Council of the Recovery Fund.

These projects involve the repair and improvement of three psychiatric facilities, repair work at the Psychiatric Clinic, and the utilisation of property in Porta Remounta to address the housing problem for doctors and thus resolve the issue of vacant positions.

Corfu General Hospital Administration issued the following statement:

Tthe management was pleased to learn about the approval of three major projects by the Technical Council of the Public Property Utilisation Fund (TAIPED), funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund (ΤΑΑ):

A) Upgrading and repairing three buildings of the Psychiatric Department on Met. Methodiou Street, with a total budget of 495,974 Euros:

  • Building that houses patients who have been treated in the psychiatric department, aiming to reintegrate them into the community through meetings with their families.

  • Building that operates with the goal for patients to develop individual and social skills on one hand, and to take initiatives through personalised therapeutic plans on the other.

  • Building in which seven single-room apartments will be created for housing healthcare personnel.



B) Repairs at the Psychiatric Clinic and facilities at the hospital, with a total budget of 307,709 Euros, specifically addressing improvements to building facilities, painting, and replacement of worn-out floors.

These two projects will be put out to tender by the end of the year, and the work is expected to be completed around the autumn of the following year. Until then, with the same resources and support from the budget of the 6th Regional Health Authority, hygiene and safety conditions for patients and employees are being improved.

C) An ongoing project awaiting approval from the Technical Council of the Public Property Utilisation Fund (TAIPED) involves an expenditure budget of 500,000 Euros. This project, also funded by the Recovery and Resilience Fund (ΤΑΑ), focuses on improving property in Porta Remounta, which will house seven healthcare professionals in separate apartments.

The project is expected to be completed in approximately one year.

These projects will, on the one hand, improve the conditions for patient care and the hygiene and safety conditions for our personnel. On the other hand, the creation of apartments for housing healthcare professionals will serve as an incentive for recruiting primarily permanent doctors in positions that remain vacant.

See also the Enimerosi report "Property owned by hospital to help relieve staff accommodation problem".

Furthermore, the Administration has announced that the first contract for the long-term lease of a property in Porta Remounta has been signed. Soon, another eight buildings in the historic centre of Corfu Town will follow.

The goal is to utilise the hospital's privately-owned property, which has remained unused for several years, and to support efforts to preserve Corfu as a Unique Monument of World Cultural Heritage.

The Administration of Corfu General Hospital warmly thanks both the 6th Regional Health Authority and the Ministry of Health for their practical support.