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New Mon Repos Theatre to be paid for from Recovery Fund

Mon Repos Theatre
23 Nov 2022 / 11:17

CORFU. Deputy Culture Minister tells Corfu MP Gikas and Deputy Mayor Tzanne that the Municipality won΄t have to pay even a single Euro.

Funding plans for the renovation of Mon Repos Theatre have changed. Yet again this year there was no renovation work done on the theatre, leaving the island without open-air performances this summer.

The original plan was for funding to come from DIPETHE (Municipal & Regional Theatre Organisation) and in June the Municipal Council had even approved that it would come from the municipal budget.

The Deputy Minister for Culture Nikolas Yiatromanolakis visited Corfu, however, and was updated on the problems faced by the cultural sector on the island.

He met with Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas yesterday and they went over the issues they had discussed during his visit to Corfu in August.

Mr. Yiatromanolakis informed the Corfu MP that funding had been secured for the complete renovation of Mon Repos Theatre. The project has been included in the Recovery Fund and is estimated to cost over €200,000. Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality will be responsible for the work to be carried out.

Deputy Mayor: Invitation for tenders at the beginning of the year

Deputy Mayor and DIPETHE President Panayiota Tzanne told Enimerosi that the Municipal Council decision in June had just been that they were willing to fund the project. "The Municipality decided on the solution of the Recovery Fund if it was available, preferring to get the funding of €200,000 from another source," she said. She said that the study for the new theatre is ready and has been sent to the Ministry. The procedure has also begun for the Central Archaeological Council to evaluate it before giving its approval.

"By the end of the year or the beginning of January we hope that the international invitation for tenders will go out," Ms. Tzanne said. "As soon as a contractor is chosen it will just be a matter of two weeks for the wooden construction to be taken down and the new metal construction to begin."

Panayiota Tzanne posted the following: "Yet another huge success for Mayor Meropi Ydraiou. Funding has been secured from the Recovery Fund for the removal of the old wooden seating at the Mon Repos Theatre and the construction of a new theatre on the same site! The Municipality won΄t have to pay even a single Euro. Congratulations to the Planning Department, Technical Works Department and DIPETHE for the escellent collaboration."

Other issues Stefanos Gikas discussed with the Deputy Minister

With regard to the branch of the National Gallery in Kato Korakiana, the Deputy Minister said that the necessary studies have been completed and the repair and renovation of the buildings will go ahead in collaboration with the Ionian Islands Administration.

Following up on their discussion in Corfu, Stefanos Gikas officially submitted the proposal for a 'Culture Tax' either as a separate tax or as part of the Accommodation Tax which hotel and rental accommodation guests have to pay per day.

The Corfu MP proposed that the income in each Region be used for the maintenance of monuments and to assist local cultural organisations.

Mr. Gikas pointed out that in this way extra funds will be secured for the repair and maintenance of monuments which local authorities and the Ministry of Culture cannot pay for at the moment plus local cultural organisations will be able to get extra funding.