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Lower Square

22 Jul 2023 / 12:32
Open Disco Party in Lower Square

CORFU. Monday, 24 July at 21:00 in Lower Square.

10 Apr 2023 / 13:19
Liston car park to be sealed off after Easter

CORFU. Deputy Regional Governor says that even if the inspection finds that everything is OK, the decision to seal it off has to be implemented - even for one day.

05 Apr 2023 / 00:23
Lower Square car park now with €3 fee

CORFU. The Regional Authority still has not sealed off the car park, while thousands of visitors are expected on the island for Easter.

24 Feb 2023 / 20:40
Lower Square car park to start operating soon

CORFU. Fire hoses have also been placed, as they were a basic prerequisite.

25 Jan 2023 / 10:02
Further delay in opening of Liston car park with new payment system

CORFU. Initially it will cost €3 as it did previously.

19 Sep 2022 / 13:06
Hot air balloon in Lower Square today

CORFU. The hot air balloon has come from Cyprus and will remain in Corfu for two days.

16 Sep 2022 / 15:45
Hot air balloon show in Corfu

CORFU. In the Lower Square, 19-20 September.

09 Sep 2022 / 10:06
Automated parking system still not fully operational in Lower Square car park

CORFU. The system has still not been linked with the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) and the automatic ticket vendor.

16 Apr 2022 / 12:52
Licensing of Liston car park almost complete

CORFU. The car park opens this weekend and won΄t close again - The automated system will be ready by 18 May.

17 Jun 2021 / 12:25
Municipal parking in Lower Square still up in the air

CORFU. What the conditions are for being given a licence.

04 May 2020 / 13:37
New gratings being placed in Lower Square car park

CORFU. Central Corfu Municipality is finally dealing with what had for years been a problem for cars and pedestrians.

05 Sep 2018 / 00:00
Friendly cricket match in Lower Square in memory of John Clayton

CORFU. There will be a friendly cricket match on Wednesday 5 September at 17:00.