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Lina Mendoni

05 May 2023 / 19:19
Traffic and overtourism - Corfu Old Town΄s biggest problems

CORFU. What Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said about Old Town΄s biggest problems.

05 May 2023 / 10:55
Culture Minister: Extensive clean-up and fire safety measures at Mon Repos in June

CORFU. Regarding the open-air ΄Rena Vlachopoulou΄ theatre, the Minister said, "The current state of the theatre is unacceptable."

04 May 2023 / 10:47
Culture Minister visits Mon Repos

CORFU. The minister was updated on the progress of the restoration work. Clean-up of wooded area to begin.

02 May 2023 / 18:17
Culture Minister to visit Corfu again on Thursday

ATHENS. The Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni will visit Corfu again on Thursday 4 May.

19 Apr 2023 / 12:40
Greek PM visits Villa Rossa

CORFU. Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the iconic Corfu property, where renovation work is underway.

19 Apr 2023 / 11:02
Culture Minister presents study for promotion of Corfu Fortresses

CORFU. Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni made the presentation at the Archaeological Museum.

30 Jul 2021 / 11:48
Culture Minister: Special needs access at Corfu Old Fortress

CORFU. Access for those with special needs in selected parts of Corfu Old Fortress and Old Town.

26 May 2021 / 13:00
€40,000 funding for 4 Corfu Philharmonic Societies

CORFU. CORFU MP Stefanos Gikas: "Recognition of their value and contribution. They meet the Ministry of Culture΄s criteria for support of artistic creativity and education."

07 May 2020 / 16:53
Minister of Culture announces when archaeological sites and museums will reopen

ATHENS. The Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni announced the timetable for the reopening of archaeological sites, museums, open-air cinemas as well as the recommencement of filming, rehearsals and live events.

26 Oct 2019 / 06:43
Cultural ΄restart΄ for Corfu!

CORFU. High hopes following the Culture Minister΄s visit to the island. Mayor Meropi Ydraiou couldn΄t hide her pleasure at the ΄gifts΄ the Minister brought with her.