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Cultural ΄restart΄ for Corfu!

Culture Minister
26 Oct 2019 / 06:04

CORFU. High hopes following the Culture Minister΄s visit to the island. Mayor Meropi Ydraiou couldn΄t hide her pleasure at the ΄gifts΄ the Minister brought with her.

Corfiot & Diapontian Mayor Meropi Ydraiou met with the Minister for Culture Lina Mendoni at the Old Town Hall during her 2-day visit to Corfu with General Secretary Giorgos Didaskalos. The Minister and General Secretary were accompanied by Anna Panayiotarea, Communications Advisor at the Minister's Office.

What was agreed

From the meeting between the Minister and the Mayor there came some significant 'news' according to the Municipal Press office:

- An agreement between the Municipality and the Ministry regarding the Art Cafe with the Municipality having the responsibility for the use and management of the venue on the condition that it maintains the high level of quality demanded.

- The Minister promised that the British Hospital in the Old Fortress would be conceded to the Municipality, who would prepare a master plan for its use. When the plan is approved the Hospital will be used by the Municipality as a cultural venue.

- Ms. Mendoni is the the second member of the Government, after Deputy Minister Mr. Konsolas, to promise to support the Municipality's request for the imposition of a tourist and culture tax.

- Promotion and conservation of the Old Town was agreed. In addition to the new operational regulations, UNESCO will be reinstated as administrative body.

- The Minister made a committment that from the next tourist season the Fortresses will be accessible to all visitors. With regard to the New Fortress, the possibility of creating a Museum of Print will be looked into.

- The Minister will support the Municipality's efforts to promote Corfu as a European island of music.

- In February the Central Archaeological Committee (KAS) will examine the studies for the Phoenix Theatre.

- A contractor for the work in Annunziata Square will be instated immediately.

- The Minister stated that they will look positively on the creation of a parking area at the Courthouse. This will allow the work to create an access road to go ahead.

- The Culture Ministry and the Corfiot & Diapontian Municipality will collaborate in the near future to renovate and promote the Municipal Theatre.

- Once every two months the Central Archaeological Committee (KAS) will have Corfu on its meeting agenda.

Statement from Lina Mendoni, Culture Minister

The aim of the Ministry, the Minister said, is to fully utilise the cultural heritage and monuments in Corfu along with modern developments. "It is our duty for citizens to feel that their everyday life is improving. Culture is closely woven into the quality of citizens' life."

Ms. Ydraiou pleased with developments

Following the meeting with the Minister for Culture Ms Ydraiou said:
"We were able to move forward with pleasing and important developments for Corfu. I would like to thank Ms. Medoni for her positive response to our requests and proposals.

Iconic sites will become the responsibility of the Municipality and will become cultural and recreational venues. Following the agreements between the Corfiot & Diapontian Municipality and the Ministry of Culture we will move forward with the promotion of Corfu's iconic monuments.

As I have already said, we aren't here just to be administrators. We are here to change things and to provide solutions to the problems that have so far remained unsolved and affect us all.

We will demonstrate this every day with our actions."

Also present at the meeting were the following:

Corfu MP Stefanos Gikas; Regional Deputy Governor Melita Andrioti; Municipal Council President Dimitris Metallinos; Deputy Mayors for Culture - Chrysoula Tombrou, Finance - Giorgos Pantelios, Tourism - Panayiotis Varouchas and Technical Works - Nikos Kalogeros; Councillor for Education Maria Zervou.