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Workers΄ protest march for wage increases and reinstatement of collective agreements

17 Apr 2024 / 14:01

CORFU. The protest march was part of the 24-hour general strike declared by GSEE.

A strike rally and march took place in Corfu on Wednesday, 17 April, as part of the general strike called by GSEE. Participants included: Corfu Workers Centre, unions from the private and public sectors, educators, pensioners, as well as the Seamens' Union.

The protesters gathered outside Corfu Workers Centre at 11:00, after which they proceeded to march through the streets of the town.


With the main message was "We want real pay increases, we want our Collective Contracts back, and we want them now." The focus of the demands concerns wage and pension increases, the implementation of immediate measures to address inflation, combating profiteering, reinstating collective labuor agreements, as well as identifying and punishing those responsible for the railway tragedy in Tempi.


Photos: Enimerosi