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Man arrested in Solari given 6-year prison sentence

29 Mar 2024 / 13:02

CORFU. Four charges were brought against him.

A six-year prison sentence was imposed on the 34-year-old who was arrested in a violent manner in Solari on Wednesday, March 27th, for dangerous driving. The young man, who was previously out on bail, was brought yesterday to appear before the Prosecutor of the Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Corfu through the summary procedure.

The charges brought against him were for dangerous driving, violence against officials, attempted bodily harm, and disobedience.

The 34-year-old man, known to the authorities, was wanted for dangerous driving. Police officers located him on Wednesday afternoon in Solari, but he refused to follow them and eventually locked himself in his car, refusing to come out.


Police motorcyclists requested the assistance of patrol cars to effect the arrest. However, all this commotion caused unrest in the area, with passersby and shopkeepers watching in surprise as the events unfolded in broad daylight.

The man, who has previously been involved with the authorities for theft and drugs, was ultimately arrested and charged.



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