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Official announcement of North Corfu Deputy Mayors

North Corfu
26 Mar 2024 / 14:12

CORFU. "We are called upon, like the Society of Friends, to act with determination and effectiveness in order to give developmental dynamism and direction to our Municipality."

In an atmosphere filled with optimism for the new period of governance of the Municipality of North Corfu, on March 25, in Old Perithia, North Corfu Mayor, Giorgos Mahimaris, presented the Deputy Mayors, the presidents of the developmental organisations, the businesses, the advisors, collaborators, and the administration of the North Corfu Municipal Water and Sewerage Company.

Starting off, the Mayor stated that March 25 was chosen for the announcement of the Municipality's Administration because it signifies - among other significant meanings - "the alliance, collectivity, cooperation - all together as one body, one fist, to face the challenges of the times, where duty calls us, fulfilling our sacred mission towards the citizens who entrusted us with the progress of the area with a developmental and human face.

"We are called upon, like the Society of Friends, to act with determination and effectiveness in order to give developmental dynamism and direction to our Municipality. Dear collaborators, you are all necessary, in all the Administrative Boards of the Developmental Organisations and businesses. Deputy Mayors and others, each one must contribute with their own strengths.

"I am confident that the time we all dedicate, with teamwork, strategy, and targeting, will give momentum to the collective effort for the development of the area and the improvement of daily life. The focal point of our actions is the human being. We started with a plan, knowledge, and continuous daily work. We continue with strength."

Subsequently, Mr. Mahimaris proceeded with the announcement of his collaborators.


President of the Municipal Council: Panayiotis Papadatos

Education: Panayiotis Papadatos

North Corfu Municipal Water and Sewerage Company "DEYA North Corfu"

President: Vassilis Salvanos

Vice President: Ioannis Kaloudis

Commissioned advisor: Nikolaos Mouzakitis


Hariton Koutsouris: Deputy Mayor of Works, Development, Investments, and Real Estate, unpaid.

Spyridoula Kokkali: Deputy Mayor of Circular Economy, Cleaning Services Environment, Public Relations, and conduct of civil marriages.

Nikolaos Hirdaris: Deputy Mayor of Tourism, External Affairs, and Business

Ioannis Garnelis: Deputy Mayor of Finance and Administration

Theofanis Skebris: Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection, Climate Crisis, Mechanical equipment, Green Services, and Management of stray animals.

North Corfu Municipality Secretary General: Konstantinos Provatas

Maria Provata: Responsible for Social issues, Community centre, "Help at Home," SYKIPA Corfu.

Ioannis Kaloudis: Commissioned Advisor for agriculture.


"Nest of Love"

President: Ioannis Provatas, former Mayor of Esperio

Vice President: Anastasios Avlonitis


President: Spyridon-Eugenios Aspiotis

Managing Director: Ioannis Provatas, former Mayor of Esperio


President: Hariton Koutsouris

First Vice President: Ioannis Mouzakitis

Second Vice President: Gorgos Bandounos


President: Theodoros Mavronas

Vice President: Ioannis Kaloudis