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Garitsa Association requests maintenance and protection of park

21 Mar 2024 / 15:21

CORFU. Meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Everyday Life Services, Takis Theotokis, and the Head of the Green Services, George Zaragas.

A meeting was held yesterday between the President of Garitsa Cultural Association, Alexandros Vergis, the Deputy Mayor of Everyday Life and Civil Protection Services, Panagyiotis Theotokis, and the head of the Green Department, George Zaragas, with the discussion focussing on the Garitsa Anemomylos Park.

During the meeting, issues such as the operating regulations of the Grove, security, maintenance, as well as compliance with the provisions for commercial operations in the park area were discussed. Additionally, everyday care around all areas was discussed.

All three participants agreed that the Grove must be maintained in good condition so that the residents and visitors of the island can enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of this landmark of our town.

President Alexandros Vergis expressed his concern to the Deputy Mayor and the head of the Green Department regarding the protection and improvement of the environment of the Garitsa Anemomylos Park.