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Central Corfu Municipality: Fines for uncleared land

fire prevention
24 Feb 2024 / 12:08

CORFU. Those with plots of land are being called upon to clear and thin them out by April 30th, ahead of the fire prevention period.

Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipal Civil Protection Service is reminding all obligated parties (property owners, municipalities, property tenants) in the Municipality of the obligation to clear their plots to avoid causing or spreading wildfires, in accordance with the current legislation for the 2024 fire prevention period.

According to current provisions, holders, municipalities, and tenants of plots, agricultural land, and other uncovered areas (within residential areas and zoning plans, within 100 metres of the community boundary, as well as areas with buildings outside residential areas) are responsible for cleaning and clearing the aforementioned areas of dry grass, branches, and other flammable materials to prevent wildfires or their rapid spread.

The obligated parties (property owners, municipalities, tenants) of these areas are requested to proceed immediately with their cleaning and clearing by April 30.

These areas should be kept clean and cleared, with periodic maintenance, throughout the entire fire prevention period (from May 1st to October 31st).


163 fines in 2023

During the fire prevention period in 2023, Central Corfu Municipal Civil Protection Service processed 250 applications from citizens concerning cases of uncleared private and municipal plots.

The total uncleared area was approximately 800 stremma, for which 163 fines were imposed decisions were issued, against which 110 appeals were filed.

The final amount of the fines totaled €227,011.71. Considering that the legal framework, after the enactment of Law 5075/2023 on December 12, 2023, is stricter, property owners, municipalities, and property tenants are strongly urged to comply with the provisions of the current legislation for the restriction and prevention of fire hazards, and to avoid the imposition of sanctions and fines by the Civil Protection authorities.



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