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Central Corfu Municipality: €106.2m budget

Central Corfu
23 Feb 2024 / 11:19

CORFU. Increase of €5.3m - Budget to be discussed today at Municipal Committee meeting.

The Central Corfu Municipal budget plan, totaling €106,192,074, is being discussed today in the Municipal Committee. Upon approval, it will be submitted for discussion, voting, and decision-making at the Municipal Council.


Regarding income, the budget includes only legislated revenues, with their amounts determined based on the actual performance data of each revenue (collected) and justified with specific details regarding the source of each credit.

Specifically, the revenues are structured as follows:

Regular revenues: €26,910,762.07

Extraordinary revenues: €10,001,291.69

Revenues from Past Financial Years (PFY) certified for the first time: €4,210,552.00

Repayments from loans and claims from PFY: €38,651,941.76

Repayments to the public and third parties and money refunds: €9,369,121.99

Cash balance (previous year): €17,048,405.38

Revenues from fees and rights amount to €8,641,020.00, which, as highlighted in the budget plan, cover expenses of the Cleaning and Lighting Services.



Regarding the expenses, the amounts to be paid were recorded, prioritising the mandatory operational expenses of the Municipality, according to Article 158 of Law 3463/2006, optional expenses, investment expenses, fixed acquisitions, ongoing acquisitions, services, projects, studies, new projects, and studies according to the technical programme of the fiscal year 2024, subsidies to Legal Entities, stakes in enterprises, payments from Past Financial Years (PFY), provisions for non-collection of receivables confirmed in past fiscal years, reserves to third parties, and reserve capital.

Specifically, the expenses are structured as follows:

Operational expenses: €43,043,551.73

Investment expenses: €17,685,723.44

PFY payments: €5,137,581.82

Other allocations: €6,630,000.00

Provisions for non-collection: €33,295,217.90

Reserve: €400,000.00

Increase of €5.3m

The Municipality's budget for 2024 is balanced at €106,192,074.89 and was based on the level of total expenses (after reserves) compared to the total income (after cash balance). However, compared to the previous year's budget (€100.9 million), it has increased by €5.3 million. The reference month for the financial data, upon which the budget was prepared, is November 2023.



Photo: Fani Tsimpouli, Deputy Mayor for Finance