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€3.4m for Central Corfu Municipal Technical Works Programme

Central Corfu
09 Feb 2024 / 10:25

CORFU. Ikos funds allocated to Phaeces district - Provision for study to repair Mon Repos jetty - Maintenance and repair projects.

The Central Corfu Municipality Technical Works Programme for 2024 was approved by the Municipal Committee at its meeting on 6 February, before it proceeded to the Municipal Council meeting. The cost of the programme amounts to a total of €3,382,066 and was approved by a majority vote.

Former Mayor Meropi Ydraiou was absent, and Giorgos Pantelios and Nikos Kalogeros, from the main opposition party, voted "present" for reasons they will explain at the Municipal Council meeting. In addition to the regular committee members, the leader of the Laiki Sispirosi party, Yiannis Borbotis, was present at the meeting as an observer without voting rights, as stipulated by the decision of the Municipal Council.


Sources of funding

  1. The total amount of funding from "CAP investment expenses (formerly SATA)" amounts to €1,341,420, from which an annual deduction of approximately €508,000 is made for an investment loan of the former Municipality of Phaeces, resulting in an annual subsidy amount of €833,420.

  2. An amount of outstanding SATA from previous fiscal years totaling €335,000.

  3. Monetary amount of Own Resources totaling €2,046,255.

  4. Commitment of multi-year appropriations from SATA 2024 to cover expenses of ongoing projects from the previous year, amounting to €405,613.

The Technical Works Programme for the year 2024 is as follows:


Maintenance - Repairs

  • Road Network in the districts: Corfu, Achilleio, Parelia, Phaeces, Paleokastritsa: €140,000

  • Road Network in the Diapontia Islands: €80,000

  • Pavements, pedestrian areas and construction of ramps for people with disabilities: €100,000

  • Municipal buildings: €70,000

  • Safety work for dangerous dilapidated buildings and removal of building hazards: €50,000

  • Emergency road network damages: €110,000

  • Construction of concrete pillars for Pillar Base (municipal electrical supplies): €15,000



  • Environmental Study for the restoration of the jetty within the Mon Repos estate: €6,000

  • Hydrological - Hydraulic study for the area of Gouvia in Corfu: €51,806

IKOS Fund Allocation

The District of Phaeces within the Municipality of Central Corfu now has at its disposal the contribution in cash of €2,046 million from the investment of "Corfu Gardens" in the area of the former Club Med in Dassia, where the new hotel unit IKOS ODISIA has been erected and operates. In a meeting on 13/11/2023, the Economic Committee decided, through a budget revision, to allocate the amount that was finally received last August to the District of Phaeces. The amount is distributed as follows:

  • Road Construction Projects in the District of Phaeces: €1,046,255

  • Infrastructure Projects in the District of Phaeces (Outdoor space arrangements - pavements, electrification projects, etc.): €1,000,000

School Buildings

For repairs and maintenance funded by the SATA for Schools, the technical works programme amounts to €573,000:

  • Repair and maintenance of primary school buildings: €383,004

  • Repair and maintenance of secondary school buildings: €190,000


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