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Souped-up cars and motorbikes from Corfu Racing Club in Liston

02 Feb 2024 / 16:01

CORFU. Saturday 3 February from 15:00 and Sunday 4 February from 10:00.

On the occasion of the cutting of the New Year Cake, Corfu Racing Club is organising a two-day event. There will be an exhibition of souped-up cars and motorbikes, karts, booths with promotional material from the club, a racing simulator, and a projector screen in Liston on Saturday, February 3rd, starting at 15:00, and on Sunday, February 4th, starting at 10:00.

Sunday 4th

11:00 Presentation of the club's race drivers and their vehicles.

12:00 Cutting of the cake and thanks to the municipal authorities.

13:00 Announcement of the racing schedule and activities for 2024.

13:30 Lucky draw (cake floori).

For information, contact the club's president and representative, Mr. Manis Spyros, at the phone number 6945 978 917 or via email at [email protected].

The club was established in August 2007 and has been actively engaged to this day with a significant response from the Corfu community and notable resonance at the national level in Greece.


It is the sole motor sports club on the island with recognition from the General Secretariat of Sports. Recognized by the Hellenic Autosports Federation, it belongs to the privileged clubs in Greece with approximately 35 active members participating in Panhellenic car race championships, in addition to its hundreds of active members and thousands of social media followers.

For many years, it has been organising events, races, and seminars on our island and throughout Greece with the aim of fostering interest, love, engagement, and performance in motor sports with cars and karts, encompassing various motorsports and related activities. These include theoretical and practical instruction, the development and cultivation of racing car driving skills, as well as promoting safe and non-hazardous driving practices in general. The club is actively involved in education for the preparation of racing cars, providing cultural or any other sports-related programmes to its athletes and other members of the association, all while highlighting and promoting our region.


Photo: Spyros Manis