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΄Independence Day΄ for North Corfu Water Supply and Sewerage Company

North Corfu
08 Jan 2024 / 11:34

CORFU. The withdrawal of North Corfu Municipality from the Corfu Inter-Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company has been published in the Government Gazette.

Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris saw the long-awaited Government Gazette announcement of the autonomy of the North Corfu Water Supply and Sewerage Company today.

Four years after the threeway division of the Corfu Unified Municipality, the Water Supply and Sewerage operation became inter-municipal, causing dysfunctions in the local management of water issues. Giorgos Mahimaris took the lead in advocating for the withdrawal from the scheme.

Government Gazette

According to Government Gazette 7586/31.12.2023 of the Decentralised Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece, and the Ionian Islands, "From the publication of this decision, the Municipality of North Corfu is considered the full successor to the movable and immovable property of Corfu DIADEYA (Water Supply and Sewerage Company) that corresponds to it and that is transferred to it - based on administrative, geographical, and population criteria, in accordance with the decision of 14-12-2023 on the distribution to the withdrawing Municipality of North Corfu. The Municipality assumes all rights and obligations, including any type of equipment that serves and is functionally connected to the properties being transferred.

Pending lawsuits and any other legal cases falling within the geographical boundaries of the Municipality of North Corfu are taken over by the Municipality without interruption, and no special procedural act is required for each of them.

Third-party claims, short-term and long-term obligations, cash, and withheld guarantees related to the withdrawal from Corfu DIADEYA of Corfu burden the said Municipality."

End of January

The Mayor of North Corfu told Enimerosi, with evident satisfaction, that the procedures for the establishment of the statute of an autonomous municipal enterprise, as well as the meeting of the municipal council, will proceed immediately. "Our goal is to have the new legal entity established by the end of January."

Giorgos Mahimaris said that the new autonomous Water Supply and Sewerage Company (ΔΕΥΑ) will, of course, collaborate with other municipalities for large projects, such as dams, and wherever else needed. However, in other respects, it will have the autonomy to manage "its own affairs" at the local level.


Question mark

However, the case comes shortly after the disclosure of a draft law by the Ministry of Environment and Energy that will foresee the merger of the operations of existing Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Companies into new, larger corporate structures, which will assume broader areas of jurisdiction - often encompassing the entire corresponding region.

Giorgos Mahimaris stated emphatically, "This is just a draft law; we are proceeding undeterred and will handle any government action appropriately."