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Redevelopment of Garitsa park completed - proper maintenance now required

Garitsa Park
24 Dec 2023 / 09:58

CORFU. Update from outgoing Mayor Meropi Ydraiou to local residents, associations and the new Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos.

Meropi Ydraiou's outgoing municipal authority handed over the redeveloped Garitsa-Anemomylos Park yesterday.

In the park's event area, in the presence of the new Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos and municipal councilor Fani Tsibouli, the outgoing Deputy Mayor of Technical Services, Nikos Kalogeros, declared that the project has been 99% completed, with some outstanding items scheduled, mainly involving painting and plantings that cannot be done now due to the season. However, he gave assurances that all remaining tasks are also covered by the ESPA, and the contractor has been paid without any outstanding issues.

Nikos Kalogeros said that the sports facilities, lighting, pruning of dangerous trees, tree plantings, lawns, automatic watering system, paths, pavements, playgrounds, and toilets have all been completed.


Updates were also provided by Deputy Mayor of Everyday Life, Haris Yiotis, and finally by Meropi Ydraiou. Also present were representatives of the two Garitsa associations, Alekos Vergis and Anemomylos Pantelis Kontos, civil engineer Fontas Vlachos Politis on behalf of the local party of Giorgos Karydis, Ekkinisi municipal councillor Konstantinos Grigoriadis, as well as the representative of the bocce team Mr. Gounaropoulos. All expressed their satisfaction with the project, which, despite all the difficulties it went through, has transformed today into a much-improved space compared to how abandoned and dangerous it was in previous years.

The main concern from now on, as everyone agreed, is its preservation, protection from malicious actions, and effective maintenance to prevent it from being devalued, as has happened with many other projects.

Meropi Ydraiou pointed out that the Operating Regulations are already in place, and a competition for its caretaking has already been initiated. Representatives of the associations stressed that they are open to any collaboration with the Municipal Authority and ready to contribute voluntarily to the protection of the park.

The new Mayor, Stefanos Poulimenos, expressed his satisfaction, stating that the Operating Regulations should put into practice and not just remain on paper. He also expressed satisfaction with the active participation of residents in safeguarding the area.