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Stefanos Poulimenos meets with Ionian University Informatics Department professors to discuss technology

Stefanos Poulimenos
01 Nov 2023 / 18:44

CORFU. For the development of innovative actions that will contribute to the improvement of people΄s daily life.

The development of innovative technological actions that will contribute to the sustainable development of the town and the improvement of the daily life of its residents was the subject of a meeting that was held on Tuesday 31 October between the newly-elected Central Corfu Mayor Stefanos Poulimenos and a delegation of professors of the Ionian University Informatics Department.

The delegation consisted of the President of the Department, Professor Emmanuel Magos, Professors Yiannis Karydis and Markos Avlonitis and Dr Michail Hondroyiannis, while the lawyer and Municipal Councillor Nikos Vradis was also present at the meeting.

The professors, members of the Networks, Multimedia and Security Systems Laboratory (NMSLab), presented some thoughts and proposals for funding projects and actions with resources mainly from European Programmes.

During the discussion, reference was made to various forms of cooperation between the Ionian University and the Municipality, while the main focus was on the park next to the prison and the hill of the Old People's Home, places which will soon be visited by delegations of the newly elected Municipal Authority and the Ionian University.