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Central Corfu Mayor satisfied with clean-up work at Mon Repos

Mon Repos
08 Dec 2023 / 21:50

CORFU. Under the supervision of the Forestry Service, an extensive clean-up of the wooded area of approximately 175 stremma was carried out with a budget of about €200,000.

The Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou expressed her satisfaction for the completion of the extensive clean-up of the Mon Repos wooded area.

In the presence of the heads of the Municipal Civil Protection and Green Services, the Mayor saw today the result of the interventions, which she described as very positive.

The Green Service had all this time been in charge of and served the need to maintain the main roads and paths of Mon Repos, as well as the gardens of the Museum, and made additional interventions in case there were dangerous branches and trees.

However, the need to clean-up the wooden area was great, exceeding the capacity of the Service. Following the Mayor's consultation with the Ministry of Environment, under the supervision of the Forestry Service, extensive clean-up of the wooden area of approximately 175 stremma was carried out with a budget of about €200,000. The wood from the clearing works was given last week to the citizens for free.

At the same time, during the past four years, the Municipal Civil Protection Service carried out smaller clean-ups, while it also prepared the Mon Repos evacuation plan in case of a fire.

It also installed new fire nests, ensured the water supply of the fire mains and placed markings in dangerous areas, as well as information signs and protective barriers. During the fire ban period, it carried out daily patrols with a fire engine and employees of the Municipality's Civil Protection Service.

The Mayor thanked Deputy Mayor Haris Yiotis as well as the Civil Protection and Green Services for their cooperation and those who contributed, stating, amongst other things, the following:

"The image of Mon Repos has now changed with the maintenance and interventions of the Civil Protection and the Green Services, the extensive clean-ups that have been basically completed and the works on the buildings that have been completely renovated. I am particularly pleased with the result of the major interventions that have benefited our citizens and visitors. I am delighted that the effort we have made has been successful and now, after many years, the image of Mon Repos, an iconic and historic site on the outskirts of our town with a high number of visitors, has changed".


Photo: Central Corfu Mayor's Office