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Giorgos Mahimaris΄ statement against Meropi Ydraiou on water privatisation

Giorgos Mahimaris
18 Mar 2023 / 01:07

CORFU. "The privatisation of water in Corfu has a name: Meropi Ydraiou, KEDE and Minister".

"Every day the new 'colpo grosso' is being revealed for the privatisation of water - the most precious resource for human life," said the North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris in a statement:
"Having consciously led DEYAs to decline and devaluation, the Waste, Energy and Water Regulatory Authority has emerged as a saviour, which will "swallow" all DEYAs one by one.
Especially in Corfu, developments are expected to be worse since the project for the water supply and dams project is moving towards privatisation. It is worth noting that many DEYAs are led to collapse due to problems, such as severe understaffing, lack of funding, increased operating costs, etc.
Every day those satisfied by the government's "innocent" intentions and clarifications, such as KEDE, are being revealed. But the water is transparent and thus transparent, clear and specific our relations, position and attitude should be when it concerns a social good.
The North Corfu Municipality is fighting every day and will continue to fight, even if it is the last body that can resist the privatisation of life, the privatisation of water".