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Work on Garitsa shore road to begin in September

10 Aug 2023 / 16:24

CORFU. The contract was signed on Thursday afternoon.

Repair and renovation work on the Garitsa shore road from the Desylla factory to Anemomylos will commence early in September.

The contract for the execution of the project was signed on Thursday afternoon (10/8) by the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa, and the representative of the contracting company "GRAOUTEK SA," at the Flagginio Cultural Centre.

Present at the signing were the Mayor of Central Corfu, Meropi Ydraiou, Deputy Regional Governors K. Zorbás and M. Orfanoudákis, and the President of the Regional Council of the Ionian Islands, N. Mouzakítis.

The project, with an initial budget of 995,000 Euros, funded by the Public Investment Programme (PDE), is scheduled to be completed within one year from the contract signing. The winning subcontractor will execute it with a discount of 14%.


Photo: Enimerosi