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"Ageless Women" - an event dedicated to women

Old Palace
19 Jun 2023 / 14:11

CORFU. The event took place in the Old Palace Colonnade as part of the World Music Day celebrations.

World Music Day was celebrated on Saturday, June 17, at the Old Palace Colonnade and the Museum of Asian Art. The event was a tribute to WOMEN, specifically to Kerstin Lindgren, a Swedish painter, dancer, musician, and avid lover of Corfu.

"Ageless Women" means that they are able to walk within the cosmic rhythm and harmony because there is no time there! The following activities took place during the event:

Kerstin Lindgren participated with paintings that express her consciousness, how she feels and is inspired by the theme "Ageless Women"" Christina Paraskevopoulou, a painter from Athens, Natalia Ekaterini Kerkyra, a painter from Corfu, and three painters from three different locations also came together in Corfu, combining their efforts and inspiration to create a bridge, a three-tiered structure of culture and art, a Cosmic Communication!

Kerstin is an Art Dance Performer who visually expresses "out of the body consciousness" and danced the "Cosmic Symphony of Life." Elina Vlanti from Corfu, also an Art Dance Performer, embodied movement through Cosmic Energy and Cosmic Communication! "The Symphony of Life."

A recitation of the poem "Eleni" by Yiannis Ritsos, by Nana Papadaki in collaboration with Orestis Zafeiropoulos on cello.

In the second part, Christina Kalliaridou, an acclaimed conductor of the Corfu Women's Choir, presented songs dedicated to women worldwide.

The exhibition will run from June 18th to June 24th.

The opening ceremony was accompanied by musical performances by Orestis Zafiropoulos, Konstantinos Vlachos and Sophie Andree.