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Corfu Culture, Sports and Environment Association΄s event for World Music Day

World Music Day
09 Jun 2023 / 21:32

CORFU. "The event is a protest that expresses in a special way the disgust, injustice and anger for what has been happening to women worldwide in recent years".

World Music Day will be celebrated in an event dedicated to women on Saturday 17 June at 20:00 at the Old Palace Colonnade of the Corfu Museum of Asian Art.
The event is a protest that expresses in a special way the disgust, injustice and anger for what has been happening to women worldwide in recent years.
"Ageless women". Our goal is being implemented with the participation of special women:
- Kerstin Lindgren: Swedish visual artist, musician, dancer and great lover of Corfu. She expresses herself visually, presenting her paintings, and as an art dance performer, she creates the symphony of art, thus the symphony of life!

- Christina Paraskevopoulou: Painter from Athens who creates an artistic dialogue with Kerstin with her painting.
- Natalia Ekaterini Kerkira: Painter from Corfu with a very expressive style. She approaches the same subject in a completely different way.
Three special women, three artists, unite their energy and inspiration, creating a bridge of culture and art, a cultural communication, inside the Museum of Asian Art.
- Elina Vladi: Corfiot art dance performer, who collaborates with Kerstin for a few moments and then as a soloist, through cosmic energy and communication, creates the symphony of life.
Renowned musicians will accompany both dancers:
- Orestis Zafeiropoulos: Music composition and cello
- Socrates Anthis: Trumpet professor and conductor at 'Mantzaros' Philharmonic Society
- Spyros Rouvas: Composer and deputy conductor at 'Mantzaros' Philharmonic Society
- Louisa Vergi: Flute teacher
- Konstantinos Vlachos: Trombone, Ionian University
- Sophie Andrée: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells, Tingshas, Old Asian instruments

- Nana Papadaki: Actress, writer, director and Yiannis Ritsos expert / Recitation of excerpts of Ritsos' poem "Helen"

Second part
For the second part of the World Music Day 2023, there will be a unique performance by Mrs. Christina Kalliaridou, acclaimed conductor of Corfu Women's Choir, who will offer us an experience of sound and vibrations through songs dedicated to women worldwide.
Theoretical support - Iris Kritikou, Archaeologist and Art Historian
Artistic direction and lighting - Giorgos Zorbas
Music composition and editing - Orestis Zafeiropoulos
Project coordinator - Doris Lazanis
Graphic Designer - Daphne Kolla
Production - Sophie Andrée, President of LYRA CONCERTS, Cultural Event Productions, tel. 6934882241
The event is being held under the aegis of the Central Corfu Municipality and the Corfu Culture, Sport and Environment Association (SYPAP).