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Water from Albania for the Italians!

water supply
02 Jun 2023 / 18:52

BARI (ITALY/APULIA). The Rama government has agreed to transfer 150 million cubic metres of water per year. The investment was announced by the Apulia Regional Governor during a conference on water management on Wednesday in Bari.

The Apulia Regional Governor Michele Emiliano announced on Wednesday during a conference on investment in the water management sector that the go-ahead has been given for the construction of a water transport network. The Albanian government has agreed to build an aqueduct connecting Argyrokastro to Galugnano, Salento.

Photo: baritoday.it / From the press conference where the results of the water management conference were presented and the Italian-Albanian transfer agreement was announced. Michele Emiliano is in the centre.
During the conference, the planned interventions up to 2045 of around €7 billion were presented, 40% of which will be funded by state fees and the remainder by European funds.
"Our strategy consisted of activating all available policies and funding tools," said the Vice President Raffaele Piemontese. "Our Regional Operational Programme is based on European structural funds, from the Development and Cohesion Fund to tariffs, and aimed at three main objectives; the reduction of water losses, which often reach 40% of the quantity transferred from old networks; the strengthening of biological treatment; the increase of water supply sources through agreements with neighbouring areas, construction of desalination plants and creation of new connections".
The project and its cost
It will take four years and around €1 billion to build the water transport facilities and network. The aim is to transfer 150 million cubic metres of water to Apulia every year. This is a strategic infrastructure for Apulia, given the drought that occured the recent years. Albania will also benefit since it will create around 8,000 new jobs.