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Which companies submitted bids for the Corfu waste management facility

waste management facility
28 Jan 2023 / 00:30

CORFU. The submission of bids was completed on Friday at noon. The opening of the online bids will take place on Wednesday 1 February.

Three bids were finally submitted for the construction of the Corfu waste management facility.
The submission of the online bids, following the latest extension that was given, ended today at 13:00 without any problems. The online opening is set for Wednesday 1 February at 12:00.
In particular, according to reliable sources, the companies that expressed interest are Helector, Terna Energy and Intrakat.
The project
The project, which was put out to tender for the third time, concerns the construction of the Corfu Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant. The total budget is €64.6m.
The project has been included in the Operational Programme "Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020" and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (80%) and the Public Investment Programme.
The aim
The aim of the facility, which will be able to collect 35,000 tons of mixed urban waste per year, is the recovery of recyclable materials, the compost production from pre-sorted organic waste, as well as compost of organic waste separated from mixed urban waste through mechanical sorting.
It is worth noting that the project also includes the construction of an Organic Waste Treatment Plant, which will be able to collect 12,500 tons per year, as it is necessary to promote systems for the treatment of organic waste with separate collection of organic waste.
The organic waste, both pre-sorted and separated through mechanical separation, will undergo anaerobic digestion, aiming at the production of biogas and the modern energy utilisation of this biogas with the production of electricity and thermal energy and the distribution of the electricity.
The deadline for the implementation of the project is 96 months from the signing of the contract, of which the first 18 months concern the construction of the facility, its operation and the supply of the equipment, the next 6 months the trial operation and the last 72months its normal operation.