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Ikos company continues work in Dassia as if nothing has happened

24 Jan 2023 / 21:21

CORFU. The issue of illegal use found by the Municipal Public Property Department will be discussed at the Central Corfu Municipal Council.

Even though the Municipal Services found that the Ikos company was illegally occupying land in Nouklesi Magiorou, Dassia, and it was sent a document to leave the area within five days, the works continue. The issue will be discussed in the upcoming Town Council meeting.
Inspection following complaint
The inspection was carried out by Municipal Services following a complaint by the Dassia Protection Association. It was found that the Ikos company was trespassing and was using the area illegally.
The Municipal Services requested that all buildings and containers be removed within five days. However today, after more than 10 days, the works continue.
What occurred previously
As it turned out, the Ikos company proceeded to use the land in Nouklesi Magiorou, Dassia, with a permit that is not valid.
It contacted the Local Council requesting to use the area to temporarily deposit materials, while the construction of the new hotel is proceeding quickly with the aim for it to start operating in the coming tourist season.
The Kato Korakiana local council decided on 22 September by majority vote to grant the area on the condition that it will be cleaned and fenced.
The President's proposal
The Local Council's decision stated the following: "The Ikos Odisia company, which is currently building a hotel in our area following a request, has asked the local council for the concession of the municipal area in Nouklesi Magiorou for one year to use it as a storage area, to place olive trees that have been removed from the plot and will be replanted after the completion of the work, containers and various other materials.
The President proposed that permission be granted to temporarily deposit the olive trees and other materials for six months, subject to countervailing measures for the benefit of the community.
The reason for the decision
Speaking to Enimerosi, the Kato Korakiana Local Council President Eleana Faita explained the reason for the decision. "It was a neglected area and we decided to grant its use on the condition that it would be landscaped and fenced. We thought that it would be cleared and fenced and it could be used by local residents. I don't think it was that big of a mistake," she said.
"Following the inspection by the Municipal Services, it turned out that the concession of use is not valid. In addition, earthworks were carried out for which a work permit should have been issued, which the company did not have," added Mrs. Faita.
12 days later
As one can see from the photos taken today, 12 days later, the buildings and trucks are still there and continue to deposit olive trees.
As the Dassia Protection and Promotion Association President Angela Faita told Enimerosi, not only is the work continuing, but even more trees are being transported to the plot. "In addition, the municipal road to the sea, right next to the plot, has been blocked by parked vehicles and it is impossible to access the beach."
"In order to make the concession, there had to be a decision by the Municipal Council. However, the Ikos company appealed to the Local Council, which is not responsible for it. We have asked for the contract but we received no response," she added.
At the Municipal Council meeting
The issue will be discussed at the upcoming Municipal Council meeting at the end of the month, as the responsible Municipal Property Department has asked the body to authorise the Mayor for an administrative suspension.