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Special needs beach ramps in Roda and Ag. Spyridon

special needs
23 Aug 2022 / 14:18

CORFU. Contract signed by North Corfu Municipality and Ionian Islands Regional Administration.

North Corfu Municipality and Ionian Islands Regional Administration signed a contract to install Seatrac special needs ramps at Roda and Agios Spyridon, Perithia beaches allowing all residents and visitors to have independent, safe and dignified access to North Corfu beaches.

The aim of the agreement is for the two authorities to work together to improve access using the Seatrac facilities so that those with special needs can have independent access to the aforementioned North Corfu beaches and they can attract visitors and residents with limited mobility or special needs.

North Corfu Municipality thanks the Ionian Islands Regional Administration and in particular the Deputy Regional Governor for Social Welfare, Public Health and Employment Ms. Amalia-Eleni Andrioti for their cooperation in this project to allow everyone to enjoy the sea with ease and safety.