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Cafe bars asking for an extra two hours to be allowed for music

03 Jun 2022 / 14:47

CORFU. The Joint Trade & Tourism Association says: "Stopping music at 23:00 isn΄t good for business."

Business owners in Corfu Town are asking for music to be allowed until one in the morning. Following the recent problems in the sector with police checks, Corfu Joint Trade & Tourism Association is repeating its request for an extension of two hours.

In a press release, Association President Pantelis Yiannoulis said that there had been a board meeting to discuss the issue.

"Following comments from members who run cafe bars, we had an extraordinary board meeting to discuss the issue of the 23:00 deadline on music.

This is, of course, the legal requirement and we respect that, but it is bad for business - not only for these businesses but for the whole of the tourist industry here and it has a domino effect.

It is for this reason that we are requesting the local authorities to consider the matter and give an extension until 01:00 in the summer, whilst continuing to respect the local residents!

We will be on the side of the locals if businesses violate the hours allowed!

Our town needs to stay alive like other European towns so that visitors can enjoy their destination!"