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Agia Theodora Augusta procession in Corfu Town

13 Mar 2022 / 12:34

CORFU. The procession took place this morning on Orthodox Sunday.

Orthodox Sunday was celebrated this morning with a service at the Metropolitan Spiliotissi Church led by Nektarios, Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos and the Diapontia Islands.

Following the service, there was a procession with holy tabernacle of Agia Theodora Augusta and the miraculous Dimosiana icon.

This year the procession was conducted normally following two years of pandemic restrictions.

A large number of people were present including Corfu MPs Stefanos Gikas, Alekos Avlonitis and Dimitris Biangis; Ionian Islands Regional Μ. Andrioti & K. Zorbas; Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou; Deputy Regional Governors and representatives from the local authority and civil protection bodies.

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Corfu Metropolitan Church conducts the Agia Theodora Augusta procession every year on Orthodox Sunday. It was established in 1985 by Archbishop Timotheos in remembrance of the restoration of the Agia Theodora icons.

On the day of the celebration, the Metropolitan Church, which is also called Agios Vlassios & Agia Theodora, distributes the 'winter gift' - a small piece of watermelon in remembrance of the miracle of Agios Vlassios.

The Church says that Agios Vlassios cured young children in Corfu during the widespread epidemic affecting their throats.