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΄Mantzaros΄ Philharmonic Society concert for Holocaust Remembrance

25 Oct 2020 / 13:39

CORFU. The concert was part of 3 days of events in Corfu under the German Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

'Mantzaros' Philharmonic Society, conducted by Socrates Anthis, put on a moving concert at the Municipal Theatre on Saturday 24 October dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust.

The concert was part of the three days of official events in Corfu in remembrance of the Holocaust under the auspices of the German Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

The concert included music from around the world related to the Holocaust and Israeli history.

The event was attended by the President of the Greek Central Israeli Council David Saltiel, Municipal Council President Dimitris Metallinos, Deputy Mayor for Culture Chrysoula Tombrou, the Honoraray President of Corfu Israeli Community Zacharias Matathias along with representatives from Corfu cultural organisations and others.

Philharmonic Society President Yiannis Trivizas gave a welcome address and referred to the significant effect that the Holocaust had on the history of humanity as well as the relationship between the Israeli community and the Society from the time it was founded.

The Society would like to thank everyone who honoured them by their presence and who adhered strictly to the Covid measures.