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Tremendous response to appeal for donations to help young Marianna

24 Oct 2020 / 13:07

CORFU. According to the teachers΄ association SEPE, approximately €50,000 has been raised from Corfu schools to help the family of the pupil from Benitses with serious health problems.

Even at these difficult times, there was a tremendous response from the Corfu public, especially the schools, to the appeal from the family of young Marianna from Benitses, who is facing serious health problems.

According to Corfu Primary School Teachers' Association (SEPE), the amount of money raised to cover part of the expenses for Marianna's treatment abroad, is just under €50,000.

"With this letter Corfu SEPE Board would like to express its warm gratitude for the financial support for the family of the 5th Year pupil at Benitses Primary School.

The response from the Corfu public has been deeply moving, especially at these difficult times, and with the help of school pupils, teachers, members of the public and various organisations €48,394 has been raised for the family.

Our Association took this initiative as we are aware of the difficulties faced by simple families to deal with any health problems. We felt it was our duty to help young Marianna's family in their hour of need and have huge respect for the expression of humanity that our fellow citizens have shown.

We hope that this trial that Marianna is going through is the last and that she can return quickly to her home and have a future full of health and happiness."

Marianna's family issued a moving statement expressing their gratitude to everyone who responded to the appeal for help.

"The family of Marianna, pupil at Benitses Primary School, would like to express their deepest gratitude - firstly, to all the schools and Corfu Primary School Teachers' Association which took on the collection of donations, and secondly, to all of you - with names or anonymous - who responded immediately to the appeal for help.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart for all your moral support and good wishes. Your support and interest are our allies in the hope that this battle will be won.

We also would like to give you our good wishes and hope you are all well."