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Daily checks - Corfu businesses showing greater sense of responsibility

08 Aug 2020 / 12:55

CORFU. Increased vigilance from business owners.

Joint EODY and police teams are carrying out intense checks on a daily basis on businesses that attract large numbers of people. These inspections include strict recommendations, which the majority of business owners comply with. Especially in places where a lot of young people gather, more and more businesses are taking measures, including disinfection and testing staff, which are necessary as they are amongst the most exposed to the public.

Following the announcements from EODY and warnings from Tsiodras and Hardalias along with the prevailing atmosphere, many business owners prefer to be very cautious so that their businesses can continue. With all the photos, videos and comments circulating on the internet, it is easy for gossip and rumours - started for whatever reason - to spread.

The low average age of the cases has led to increased vigilance in businesses, who are trying to safeguard proper health conditions as well to avoid problems that will seriously damage their businesses in this year's short tourist season.

Just a few days ago, closed down a cafe-bar and night club for 2 weeks and imposed fines of 3,000 and 10,000 Euros on the two businesses, with the two owners being arrested for violation of the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Following EODY guidelines and police recommendations, many businesses are now testing their staff and regularly disinfecting their premises and sharing it with their customers on social media. Let's not forget that businesspeople are trying to make up as much as they can of this year's lost income.