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North Corfu: 5 Municipal Councillors from Mahimaris΄ party resign and become independent

North Corfu
04 Feb 2020 / 11:42

CORFU. The five Councillors from his party accused the North Corfu Mayor of centralism and an outdated mentality.

Following the turbulent meeting on Erimitis, five of the Municipal Councillors from the majority party, two of whom are Deputy Mayors, tendered their resignations.

They sent the following letter:

"With this letter we wish to inform you that we are tendering our resignations from all positions of responsibility we have been appointed to by you and the Municipal Council. We also wish to state that we are leaving the party and becoming independent members.

We have come to this decision due to the centralist model you want the Municipality and the Council to follow. We cannot agree with outdated practices. We will continue our efforts on behalf of residents."

Signed by:

Kostas Grigoropoulos - Municipal Council President
Eleftheria Malatou
Marietina Bakola-Liaskou
Stamatis Pouliasis - Deputy Mayor for Finance
Andreas Saoulos - Deputy Mayor for Environment, Cleansing & Quality of Life, Mechanical Equipment, Lighting, Primary Produce, Green Services & Civil Protection Policy