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Many restaurants closed - even in Corfu Town

18 Jan 2023 / 12:09

CORFU. Even in Corfu Town a lot of tavernas and restaurants are closed two or three days a week due to the reduced turnover and increased expenses.

A large number of catering businesses in Corfu have closed temporarily due to personnel on leave, as happens during this period every year, but also because of the increase in energy costs making it uneconomical to remain open in winter.

It is an opportunity for the staff to rest following a hard tourist season and also for the owners to reduce their expenses.

"Businesses are trying to save money and give their staff leave and they also use the period of temporary closure to carry out renovations for the upcoming season," Corfu Catering Union President Vassilis Vassilakis told Enimerosi. "Operating costs have also increased and there are increases of 10-20% in the prices of primary produce."

Limited opening

Although it is generally accepted that the 2022 tourist season brought a lot of revenue for catering businesses (tavernas, restaurants, bars, cafes), businesses just outside Corfu Town and in the rest of the island had no choice. Even in Corfu Town itself there are tavernas and restaurants which are closed two or three days a week due to the reduced turnover and increased expenses.

This is not unusual for Corfu following the end of the season. The seasonal catering businesses in tourist areas of the island have already closed and will reopen just before Easter. Those which operate all year round are expected to reopen in February ahead of the carnival period.

"Everyone is waiting for the holidays and periods of celebration to start working again," the President of Corfu Old Town Catering and Entertainment Association Yiannis Vlachos told Enimerosi. "After the first ten days of January a lot of businesses with all-year-round staff have closed and given them leave. There is also the matter of operating costs - there are reserves but there have been big increases in the cost of everything."

Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only

Mr. Vlachos said that at the moment restaurants are open only in Corfu Town. In other areas restaurants and tavernas are open only on a few days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Vaassilis Vassilakis said that most of the catering businesses in Garitsa are closed due to a lack of customers.