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Two big public works projects for South Corfu with a budget of 4.6m Euros

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05 Jun 2018 / 14:53

CORFU. Redesign of the fishing shelter in Bouka and construction of a multi-purpose indoor gymnasium.

The Ionian Islands Regional Administration has been given approval to go ahead with two big public works projects in South Corfu with a budget of 4.6m Euros.

Following the Regional Administration's request and the approval from the Deputy Minister for Finance and Development, Alexis Haritsis, the two projects, which are especially significant for Lefkimmi and South Corfu, will go ahead.

1. Protection of the the Lefkimmi River estuaries and redisgn of the fishing shelter in Bouka.  2,200,000 Euros.

2. Construction of a multi-purpose indoor gymnasium in Lefkimmi as well as the landscaping of the surrounding area.  2,400,000 Euros.

The projects will be carried out by the Ionian Islands Regional Administration in collaboration with the responsible authorities.