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Regional Governor’s New Year Message: “The Ionian Islands will lead the dance again this year”

regional governor
02 Jan 2018 / 14:51

CORFU. “2018 is taking its first steps and taking us with it - we have no choice. Our choice, however, is whether to move forward strong and upright or bowed and tired,” said the Regional Governor, Theodoros Galiatsatos, in his New Year message.

“The Region of Ionian Islands has chosen the first of the two and will move forward together with those who fight tirelessly to save our democracy, which is under threat. We will move forward hand-in-hand with those who fight for the right to work, free time, shared public property - which has become endangered, to save the planet from climate change, to respect diversity, practical solidarity and social cohesion. In defiance of the times, the struggle for social justice and people’s right to determine their own destiny will not cease.”

The Ionian Islands of grassroots, national resistance, intellect and culture will continue to ‘lead the dance’ in 2018.”