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Justice Minister: More personnel for Corfu courts. No services to be withdrawn.

justice minister
05 Dec 2017 / 09:46

CORFU. Mr. Kontonis, Minister for Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, promised to reinforce the court services in Corfu with extra personnel, during his visit to Corfu Courthouse on Monday.

Mr. Kontonis held meetings with judicial and prosecution personnel as well as with the local Lawyers’Association. The Corfu SYRIZA MP, Kostas Pavlidis was also present at the meetings. The minister said that the necessary procedures had been speeded up and soon they would be able to increase the number of judiciary personnel.

In addition, Mr. Kontonis quashed the rumours that some services would be removed from the region. On the contrary, in his speech at the Regional Development Conference he is expected to talk at length about the prospects of upgrading Corfu’s existing services. He also met with the new administration of the Lawyers’Association to discuss matters relating to their sector.

The Corfu SYRIZA MP, Fotini Vaki, accompanied the minister on his visits to the courthouse and Corfu Prison. At the prison he visited the historical cells where fighters for the Left were held during the Metaxas dictatorship and later periods.
Finally, he was shown the ‘Second Chance’ school, which is expected to start operating in the prison in the near future.