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Injured motorcyclist had to be taken to Health Centre by van - no ambulance available!

ambulance centre
17 Nov 2023 / 12:16

CORFU. The only ambulance had already left for Corfu Hospital with another case.

Yet another incident highlighting the shortage of ambulances occurred yesterday afternoon when a motorcyclist, injured in a traffic accident on the Lefkimmi Road, needed to be taken to the Health Centre.

However, the only available ambulance had departed 20 minutes earlier to transfer another case Corfu Hospital. According to medical sources, a makeshift solution was found on the spot, and eventually, the accident victim was taken by a private van to provide at least initial first aid until the ambulance returned to transfer him to Corfu Hospital.

According to the President of the Ambulance Service (EKAB), Nikos Papaefstathiou, who recently visited Corfu for an exercise at Corfu Hospital, the long-awaited announcement for the hiring of personnel is expected in November.

The President of the Ambulance Service Employees Union in Corfu, Christos Kypriotis, told Enimerosi that, "The president of EKAB met and had a discussion with the union. He informed us that the announcement includes the hiring of 11 permanent positions for staffing the EKAB sector in Northern Corfu, as well as 5 auxiliary staff for the entire island."