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Welcome to Corfu! Sights, museums, routes

18 Jul 2023 / 23:42

In this guide we will follow the cultural elements of the island and we will present its unique sights and attractions. Follow our guide and your holidays will be unforgettable. Let΄s begin...

Old Town

Corfu does not bear the title "The Countess of the Ionian Islands" by chance, since its Old Town was rightfully designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In order to get to know it, you should walk through its alleys and "get lost" in its beauty and culture.


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Spianada (Upper and Lower Square) is a must-visit area, as it will be a point of reference throughout your stay in Corfu. It is a place that attracts both the island's residents and visitors.


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According to the Venetian dialect, "lista" meant a wide and straight pedestrian street, hence the liston in St. Mark's Square in Venice. It was built during the island's French occupation and its architecture is imitating the Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

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Old Fortress

The modern name "Corfu" is the Latin version of the Byzantine word "Korypho" and means "city of the peaks", referring to the two peaks of the Fortress. It was built in a strategic location, which the Venetians converted in the 15th century to an island by creating an artificial moat called "Contrafossa".


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New Fortress

The Venetian fortress offers the visitor an insight into the island's glorious past. In the western part of Old Town, built on the hill of Agios Markos, is the New Fortress or Fortezza Nuova from which it is said that one can enjoy the best panoramic view of Corfu.



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Church of Saint Spyridon

St. Spyridon is Corfu's patron saint. The first church was built in San Rocco in 1527 and from there the relics of the Saint were transferred to Corfu Town in 1596. The church has a basilica style and on the ceiling of the church there is an oil painting from the First Ecumenical Council.


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One of the most famous sights of Corfu is the cosmopolitan Kanoni. It takes its name from the cannon that was placed there while Corfu was under French occupation.  Kanoni offers spectacular views of the Vlacherna Monastery, as well as the legendary Pontikonisi.


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There are different opinions surrounding the legend of this famous island. On the one hand, it is said that it was a ship that transported Odysseus to the island of Ithaca and it was turned it into a rock. Another version says that it is the rock where Odysseus crashed with his crew. - Corfu Tours & Transfers

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San Giacomo

The creation of San Giacomo or the so-called loggia (Club of the Nobles) was crucial for the development of Corfu's culture in 1690. The stage curtain was a work of art made by Giovanni Buzatto, the advisor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.


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