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Work on traffic lights progressing slowly

traffic lights
21 Feb 2023 / 10:13

CORFU. Very little work has been done to date compared to the magnitude of what needs to be done.

Work on the traffic light network being carried out by the Ionian Islands Regional Administration is progressing very slowly and the problems continue to make life difficult for drivers.

Almost 13 months have passed since the work contracted out by the Regional Authority in December 2021 began and the pace at which the complete upgrade of the problematic traffic light network on the island's main and secondary roads is progressing is fristrating, to say the least.

Only 30% of the work has been completed and the contractor has already been given an extension due to the increase in the cost of materials, making use of a provision that allows extensions to public contracts during the energy crisis.

To date the only junction with traffic lights which has been completely upgraded is the on at Jet Oil in Gouvia, which is where the work began. The closed-loop systems have been replaced at 19 of the traffic lights for which the Regional Authority is responsible but the regulating equipment for the lights has not yet been procured in order to complete the project.

Generous discount

The budget for the project is €1.7 and the original deadline for completion was 12 months - December 2022.

However, as mentioned above, an extension of six months was requested and to date only a small amount of progress has been made.

The contract was awarded to the company after it gave a generous discount of 60-65% and a detailed breakdown showing that it could carry out the work successfully but up to now very little work has been done to date compared to the amount that needs to be done.

Work included in the contract

The contract is for the maintenance, refurbishment and extension, where necessary, of the traffic light network on main and secondary roads for which the Regional Authority is responsible. This includes the following:

- Complete upgrade of traffic lights and junctions.
- Tubing to insulate cables and prevent short circuiting.
- New improved panels where necessary to prevent short circuiting.
- Replacement of bulbs with LED bulbs. The reason for this is that the current bulbs burn out in seven months and when one of them burns out the traffic lights cannot function.
- Setting up a monitoring centre where problems will show up in real time.