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19 new traffic lights to be placed in June 2023

traffic lights
27 Sep 2022 / 19:48

CORFU. It has been 10 months since the traffic light reconstruction project started, but only one has been completely replaced.

The drivers in Corfu will have to wait 8 more months to finally see the traffic lights working as they should. The reconstruction of the traffic light system is progressing slowly, while the problems caused by the continuous damage in the traffic lights are causing daily inconvenience to the drivers.
Although the contract for the complete upgrade of Corfu's old and highly problematic traffic light network was signed with optimism, 10 months later only a very small part of the project has been completed. So far, the only place where the traffic lights have been completely replaced is at the 'Jet Oil' filling station in Gouvia, from which the works started last January.
"Problems at the traffic lights exist and are obvious. We have only completed 20% of the project. Right now, we are replacing all the infrastructure and the 19 traffic lights that the Region has and, at the same time, we have purchased all the necessary equipment, which we are expecting to receive in the near future, so that it can be installed and the contractor can complete their work. After the new traffic lights are placed, they will have to be checked by a specialised team", the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure Manolis Orphanoudakis told Enimerosi, clarifying that the traffic lights are currently operating with the old system and devices.
6 more months
The project with a €1.7 million budget had to be completed until December 2022, but it received a six month extension and it will hopefully be completed in June 2023.
What is planned
The project concerns the maintenance, reconstruction and extension - where required - of the Corfu traffic lights network. In particular, it is planned to do the following:

- Complete reconstruction of traffic lights and junctions
- Complete piping for cable insulation to avoid short circuits
- Creation of new circuit boards, where necessary, to avoid new short circuits
- Replacement of lightning with LED bulbs for better quality and less damage and deterioration
- Creation of a remote control centre to observe any malfunctions in real time
Control centre
However, the search for a location to create the control centre has begun. One proposal is the Police, but the Ionian Islands Regional Technical Works Department said that to create it within the old prefecture is a better solution. Basically, the control centre will inform about any malfunctions in real time.
However, as far as the traffic light operation problems are concerned, Mr. Orphanoudakis said that the issues are obvious, but he clarified that although the traffic light at the 'Kalimera' cafe in Solari is working, it has been temporarily put out of service due to the heavy traffic.