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Ionian Islands Regional Authority creates map with all its projects

Ionian Islands Regional Authority
14 Sep 2023 / 20:09

CORFU. All the projects put out to tender by the Regional Authority have been marked with a pin and categorised.

Given the fact that the Regional Authority wants there to always be clarity, transparency and reliability in communication with citizens, an interactive map has been created - with the valuable contribution of volunteers - through the Google maps service, in which all the projects from 2019 to 2023 that have been put out to tender directly by the Ionian Islands Regional Authority have been recorded in detail by area.

This map, in which all the projects tendered by the Regional Authority have been marked with a pin and categorised, can be easily opened with just one click on any electronic device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC), making it available to the citizens of the Ionian Islands at any time.

The interactive projects map of the Regional Authority is being updated according to the progress of each project in all the Regional Units, while the name of the project, its budget, as well as its contract (by clicking on the relevant link) with all its information are also available. The map also includes photos and videos.

A smart tool for everyone (citizens, representatives of bodies, journalists, etc.), which is a proof of the Regional Authority's absolute transparency, clarity, directness and credibility in communicating with the citizens of the Ionian Islands.

The interactive map of the projects in the Ionian Islands Region is available on the following link:


2019-2023 - Projects for strong Ionian Islands

As shown in the relevant infographics, the Regional Authority has put 196 projects out to tender during the four-year period 2019-2023 with a total budget of €136,000,000.

This amount is more than double (+105%) compared to the corresponding amount of tenders during the five-year term (2014-2019) of the previous Regional Authority, when 168 projects were tendered (28 less projects).

In the four-year period 2019-2023, there was an increase in the budget for tenders in each of the Ionian Islands, while there was also an increase in the total number of projects in the Ionian Islands Region.


Photo: Ionian Islands Regional Auhtority