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Ionian Islands Regional Administration sends goods collected for Ukrainians to Hellenic Red Cross

16 Mar 2022 / 18:51

CORFU. Great response to the Ionian Islands Regional Administration΄s call for humanitarian aid.

The Ionian Islands Regional Administration sent today the goods collected for the Ukrainian people to the Hellenic Red Cross. The items were collected both by bodies and by citizens who wanted to show their solidarity and support to the people in need.
There was great response to the Ionian Islands Regional Administration's call for humanitarian aid and the items collected, such as long-life foodstuffs, health care items and basic necessities, filled a truck car.
The Deputy Governor for Public Health and Welfare Melita Andrioti, who was accompanied by the President of the Ukrainians in Corfu Mrs. Chalikia, was responsible to send the goods to the Hellenic Red Cross.