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Meeting to discuss North Corfu problems

North Corfu
29 Jan 2021 / 14:44

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Regional Governor had a working meeting with the local community presidents from North Corfu.

Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa along with other Deputy Regional Governors discussed roads, drainage, lighting, cleaning of streams and ditches, Agios Stefanos harbour, the Regional Everyday Life Committee and other issues.

Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa invited local community presidents from North Corfu to an online meeting on Thursday evening, 28 January, to exchange views and give updates on the work of the Regional Administration in North Corfu.

Also present at the meeting were the Deputy Regional Governors Melita Andrioti (Corfu), Kostas Zorbas (Social Welfare, Public Health & Employment), Spyros Ioannou (Environment, Energy & Planning), Nikos Miliotis (Civil Protection), Manolis Orfanoudakis (Infrastructure & Technical Works), Alexandros Alexakis (Business & Competition), the Regional Councillor responsible for Sport and the Regional Council President Nikos Mouzakitis.

Roda Kratsa hoped that the coming year would be better than last year with all the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and that 2021 would be a springboard to restart the economy and bring back normality to everyone's lives.

There was a wide-ranging discussion about the most important issues affecting the lives of North Corfu residents and all the area's serious problems were brought ot the table. The presidents thanked the Governor for her invitation and her practical interest in the area's problems adding that it was the first time that a Regional Governor had sat down - with a real desire for discussion and a specific agenda - with the representatives of North Corfu residents.

One of the main issues that was discussed was the state of the roads. The local presidents expressed their great concern for the safety of pedestrians and drivers and the Governor expressed her agreement and said that the improvement of the road network was one of her major priorities. The presidents also thanked the Regional Authority for reintroducing the proposal of a bypass at Skripero.

The responsible Deputy Governors pointed out that when the new Regional Authority took over there was just an amount of €18m which had been written into the budget but they had quickly converted this into practical works.

Today, despite the unprecedented situation with the global Covid-19 health crisis and despite the adverse conditions that the the Regional Authority has to deal with, the road improvement works are at the stage where invitations for tenders will be issued. This means that very shortly the improvement of the roads not only in North Corfu but on all the islands will become a reality.

Another issue that was discussed was communication with the Everday Life Committee set up by the Regional Authority. The local presidents requested that the contact number (26613 62300 in Corfu) be made widely known to all residents. This phone line was set up for residents to be able to contact the Regional Administration directly with any complaints or everyday problems.

Other issues that came up were drainage and cleaning of ditches and streams. Ms. Kratsa stressed that the Regional Authority is doing whatever it can to improve the situation but explained that with the current legislative framework there are often problems and difficulties in the intervention of the Authority.

Lighting, with which there are chronic problems, was also discussed and the Governor said that a contract is already being prepared which will completely resolve the problem with lighting on the main roads and an energy upgrade programme is also coming with LED lamps.

The local community presidents also pointed out the importance for the area of the development of Agios Stefanos harbour.