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Victims of brutal killing in Halikouna were wanted internationally

24 Jul 2020 / 09:04

CORFU. Police and Port Authorities are searching for the killers of two men yesterday - a Serb and a Montenegrin - and all indications point to a vicious war between gangs from Serbia and Montenegro.

The victims of yesterday's brutal killing were Alan Kozar from Bar in Montenegro and Damir Hazic from Užice in Serbia. A third person rented a villa for them in Halikouna and they arrived with forged Slovenian passports. Both of them were wanted by Serbian police and there were also international arrest warrants in their names.

According to a warrant from the Special Prosecutor in Montenegro, there was a whole list of charges against the two dead men including being professional hitmen.

According to police sources, the killer(s) were also professional as the cartridges found at the crime scene were from a heavy army weapon.

The Montenegro media paints a vivid picture of the lives of the victims and talks about the settling of scores. Both the police and the Port Authorities are now searching for the killers to prevent them escaping by sea and there are also strict checks at the airport.

The police are speaking with the passerby who spotted the two bodies in the car. Another scenarion being investigated is that they were killed at the villa and the bodies then moved, for unknown reasons, to the car. Police sources say that the two victims in Halikouna were involved in a gang war connected to the episode in Vari near Athens on 20 January when two Serbo-Montenegrins were killed by four cold-blooded killers.