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27 May 2024 / 09:44
"The Serbs in Corfu" event last night

CORFU. The Corfu Food & Wine Festival is being hosted for the 6th consecutive year in Corfu, offering the public a multifaceted experience of flavours and cultural exchanges based on sustainability.

24 May 2024 / 14:19
"The Serbs in Corfu"

CORFU. The event on Sunday 26 May is part of the 6th Corfu Food & Wine Festival.

24 Nov 2023 / 13:51
Thank-you letter from the Corfu Greek-Serbian Friendship Association

CORFU. The letter was sent to the Associations that participated in the autumn events organised in collaboration with the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate.

21 Sep 2023 / 18:43
Annual memorial ceremony for the Serbs on Vidos Island

CORFU. They paid tribute at the Serbian Mausoleum to the Serbs who died between 1916 and 1918.

29 May 2023 / 16:03
Mayor Meropi Ydraiou meets with Serbian delegation

CORFU. She met with ex-footballers and participants in the Corfu Food and Wine Festival.

25 May 2023 / 14:01
Corfu Food & Wine Festival: Serbian cuisine masterclass

CORFU. Internationally renowned chef Ivo Andrić gave a masterclass to College of Tourism students.

02 Feb 2023 / 20:34
Sinies Educational and Cultural Society in Serbia

CORFU. The Society΄s President Yiannis Garnelis said that the spirit of cohesion and mutual support must be cultivated and agreed that culture connects peoples.

01 Nov 2022 / 20:54
Mikis Theodorakis Symphony Orchestra in Serbia

CORFU. Soloists in the concerts will be Rosa Poulimenou, Maria Mavromati, Anastasia Fissa, Evaggelia Karyiofili, Spyros Soueref, Akis Kalmoukis, while the ΄Michalis Capodistrias΄ Mixed Choir and ΄Covertura΄ will also take part.

21 Oct 2022 / 14:40
Mayor Meropi Ydraiou welcomes Serbian school pupils

CORFU. The pupils sang traditional songs from both countries and recited poems in Greek.

23 Sep 2021 / 16:58
Meropi Ydraiou gives speech at memorial ceremony for Serbs on Vidos

CORFU. "We are proud to be a part of your history. We are proud that our forefathers supported your people in those difficult years."

23 Sep 2021 / 12:32
Annual Remembrance Day for the Serbs in Corfu

CORFU. Representatives from Serbia and the Serbian Republic of Bosnia who are at present in Corfu for the annual memorial events went to Vidos Island today.

22 Sep 2021 / 14:27
Serbian Employment Minister and President of Republika Srpska in Bosnia in Corfu

CORFU. The Serbian representatives are here for the annual memorial for Serbs in Corfu.

01 Sep 2021 / 11:34
72 visiting Serbian school pupils meet with Municipal Authority

CORFU. A group of 72 Serbian school pupils and 7 teachers are currently visiting Corfu.

30 Mar 2021 / 13:55
Tourism Minister says Greek borders will open for Serbia from mid-April

ATHENS. "Serbian travellers can have complete trust in Greece," said the Minister on his 2-day visit to Serbia.

10 Aug 2020 / 16:51
Serbs displeased with sunbeds on Vidos Island - Spyros Neratzis΄ response

CORFU. According to recent articles, the placement of sunbeds and umbrellas by Central Corfu Municipality on the small beach on Vidos has caused displeasure amongst Serbs.

24 Jul 2020 / 09:49
Victims of brutal killing in Halikouna were wanted internationally

CORFU. Police and Port Authorities are searching for the killers of two men yesterday - a Serb and a Montenegrin - and all indications point to a vicious war between gangs from Serbia and Montenegro.

05 Jul 2020 / 18:06
Increase in number of coronavirus cases in Serbia - Greece closes border

ATHENS. Greek Government concerned about the increase in the number of cases in Sebia.

12 Jun 2020 / 17:26
Work begins on Vidos Island

CORFU. Work began today on Vidos Island.