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Parks in Garitsa and Anemomylos to get makeover with ESPA funds

23 Jun 2020 / 16:19

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Regional Governor has put her signature to the inclusion of the Garitsa and Anemomylos Parks regeneration project in the ESPA funding programme.

Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa put her signature to the inclusion of the project 'Regeneration of Garitsa and Anemomylos Parks in Corfu' in the Business Programme 'Ionian Islands 2014-2020'.

The improvement project has a budget of 2,851,212 Euros and includesthe following:
- Improvement of pedestrian paths
- Rest areas and play areas
- Improvement of two existing children's playgrounds
- Construction of new rollerskating and skateboard area in Garitsa
- Improvement of the existing basketball court
- Adult gymnastics apparatus
- Repair and reconstruction of public toilets
- Replacement of benches
- Complete replacement of electrical equipment and network
- New waste bins
- Reconstruction of Garitsa shore pavement
- Improvement of green areas
- Placement of signs with information
- Placement of benches round the lawn to the south of the skating area in Garitsa
- Construction of area for Bocce to be played
- Two table tennis tables in Anemomylos
- Creation of area for special events, talks etc with three seating tiers in Anemomylos

The Regional Governor said, "This important urban regeneration project in Corfu will help improve the quality of life, make the town more attractive and also contribute to sustainable development."

The project will be completed by 31 December 2022.