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Mushroom Lovers and San Giacomo Association at ΄Christmas Fairy Tale΄

Mushroom Lovers
29 Dec 2019 / 12:47

CORFU. Along with delicacies, Corfu Mushroom Lovers Society and San Giacomo Association gave out a message with their actions in Old Town Hall on Sunday morning.

Even though it has been working as a group for four years with its well-known annual events in Sinies, Corfu Mushroom Lovers Society has only been in existence for a year and took part in an event in town for the first time today.

Corfu Mushroom Lovers Society President Yiannis Hitiris told Enimerosi: "We are offering mushroom soup with 26 kinds of wild mushrooms, sweets for the children, mushroom pie and various drinks such as rakomelo and kanelada today. The Society wants people not just to see mushrooms as a delicacy but through the dissemination of proper information to get rid of the prejudice that exists."

A few metres further along was the San Giacomo Association who were serving mulled wine - in good weather conditions this time as they had originally planned to be there on 22 December but it was postponed due to the rain.

Both of the above organisations had donations boxes. San Giacomo Association was collecting donations for Corfu Old People's Home and the Mushroom Lovers for the victims of the Mantouki fire.

Next to Mushroom Lovers' stand there was a Zero Waste area with three separate bins. In charge of the area was Thodoris Voros, who said:

"We're not leaving anything behind - we're sorting at source so that nothing goes to Temploni. What we want is that no events create any waste and for the public to learn about sorting at source. We want to encourage the Municipality to provide incentives for the public and thus increase sorting at source, saving resources for the next generation."