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Congratulations - I hope you΄re well*

14 Dec 2018 / 09:14

Several years ago someone who frequently wrote articles for our newspaper sent us an article about a possible political candidate (at that time).

Enimerosi was happy to publish his article. The following day the candidate in question phoned us to protest about the article - both the content and the attitude - and angrily declared that he and the department he was head of were going to unsubscribe from the newspaper.

Given that his protest was justified, the newspaper immediately called the writer of the article to let him know what had happened. He also reacted angrily and declared, "In that case I'm also going to unsubscribe from the newspaper!"

A few months ago a major business on the island punished Enimerosi by unsubscribing, accusing the newspaper of publishing announcements and articles favouring the workers' union at their business. Taking this a step further, a newcomer in their field in the local business world stopped its advertising campaign in Enimerosi because there had been articles covering the activities of the workers with whom they had a dispute.

Just yesterday this same workers' union announced that the board had decided to unsubscribe from the local press because one of their recent announcements hadn't been published. A few days ago a local business association, of which Enimerosi Publications has been a member for over thirty years, rejected a proposal to to take part in a promotion with Christmas wishes claiming that it was 'contrary to their legislation', but behind that influential members were saying "Why should we advertise with them - he isn't with us!"

A supermarket chain regularly rejects proposals to collaborate with Enimerosi because the paper publishes announcements from its workers or at least writes about them!

Calm down everyone - supporting the local press isn't a reciprocal obligation. And press releases, announcements etc. are part of the work involved in journalism but noone is obliged to publish them unedited or at a time which suits those who issued them. Naturally, anyone can buy whatever they want and read whatever they want but the threat that economic measures will be taken to get rid of the media that doesn't serve us isn't quite so democratic.

We don't really need to say any more except for the happy comment that having survived 35 years, hearing the same comment from all sides "He's not on our side!" it seems that everyone is right - and that exactly is the basis of an independent press.

We don't take it as a threat because in actual fact it is a badge of honour!

Merry Christmas brothers and sisters - even if that is "contrary to legislation"!

* 'Congratulations': Nikos Karvelas & Anna Vissi (2002)