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The Civil Aviation Authority had planned to upgrade the Corfu Airport

05 Dec 2023 / 20:33

The study had been completed and the funding for its implementation was provided from funds raised from the airport fee.

The Civil Aviation Authority was planning to upgrade the Corfu Airport. The study had been completed and its implementation was to be funded from resources collected from the airport fee, with each airport, like the Corfu Airport, being the sole destination. There was even a revealing master plan published in Enimerosi before the airports were granted.

This development interrupted any action by the Greek state, while the money of the airport fee, i.e. the capital that would have funded its upgrading, was lost due to the Greek State's debt, while its accounting valuation was exhausting every Greek resource aimed at the concession of the wealth-producing infrastructure.

The master plan provided, among other things, for the transfer of the control tower, the fire station and the fuel tanks from the other side, where the PZLs are currently parked; the freeing of the eastern side and thus the possibility of extending the terminal up to the Eth. Lefkimmi Rd and the old terminal; the extension of the apron area and in particular the construction of a second runway, angled slightly and in a northwestern - southeastern direction, in order to free up the main runway.

All this never went ahead. On the contrary, during the discussion of the regional programme under the Poulimenos prefecture, as part of the Regional Programme 2007-2013, the then Corfu MP N. Dendias reversed the agenda, presenting his initiatives for the creation of a new airport in Lefkimmi.

The result of all this was that absolutely nothing progressed while the bankruptcy of the Greek state swept everything away. The Civil Aviation Authority abandoned the upgrading of the airport and now work is being carried out late, which should have been carried out at least a decade ago. It is worth noting that the obligation of the new beneficiary to carry out the planned upgrading of the airport was never included in the concession contract.

The completion and operation of the new international airport at Vlora is expected to shed light on the political/management responsibilities for the fate and future of Corfu's aviation infrastructure.